About Successful-Project-Management.com
A BIG Welcome! My name is Jason Holland and I have created Successful-Project-Management.com to share and express the passion that myself and some trusted collaborators have for adopting the benefits of project management practice to work and everyday situations.

I like converting sound ideas for making a difference in the World into reality.

Many people have good ideas but get stuck when it comes to getting them off the ground and proving them commercially. I'm driven by developing and leading project teams to deliver these innovations for the benefit of others.

As a professionally qualified chemical engineer, I'm afraid my natural make-up is one of structure, organisation and self-discipline, complimented with a dose of creativity. Project Management is a Team Sport, leading and developing teams to deliver challenging objectives is what I get up in the morning for - developing and encouraging individuals to successfully meet difficult challenges through the application of practical project management is my contribution to all those I work with.

I have developed specific expertise in the following areas:

Project, Project Portfolio & Programme Management

25+ years experience successfully leading integrated, and often, multi-national teams to deliver multi-discipline engineering capital projects and programmes. Project assignments usually commenced with pre-sanction feasibility studies, through staged gate planning and definition, value engineering and capital sanction. Post sanction, delivering projects within identified critical success factors controlling detailed engineering design, procurement, construction and pre-commissioning phases. Project management would include the commercial, finance, SHE and project risk aspects of the delivery process as well as providing vision and leadership to allow project teams to deliver in a continued value enhancing way.

Industry sectors have included pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemical, energy, food and FMCG within the UK and Europe, for many blue-chip clients including Novartis, GSK, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Cadbury, Unilever, Genzyme, Celanese, Premier Foods, ABF, BP Chemicals, Lenzing.

I have successfully delivered Operational Business Plans with Main Board accountability for UK and International project portfolios, successfully delivering gross profit objectives and increasing project workload via development of repeat business and emerging markets, peaking at circa £150million aggregate value of projects in progress at any point in time (in 2008 terms).

Commercial Awareness

Developing sales winning strategies and commercial proposals for new project opportunities including scope definition, pricing and contract negotiation. Formulating and structuring project proposals suitable for capital sanction submission employing proactive risk management during the process. Individual project capital values typically to £40million (circa 2007), though largest was €130million (circa 2000).

Procurement of equipment, package plant, professional services and subcontract preparation and negotiation for Building & Civil Engineering, Mechanical Plant, Mechanical Services, Electrical and Instrumentation installation. Downstream contract values to £5million (circa 2008).

Project Management Office

Continuous development and improvement of project management systems and processes, and delivering structured induction processes covering the full life-cycle development and delivery of capital projects, as well as the professional development of project managers, project engineers and regional project office managers.

As a cultural leader, promoted and developed a winning, innovative and can-do culture, differentiating the Project Team from its peers and competitors. As a Team, we would continuously seek to raise our standards by consistently winning or receiving official commendations for the European Construction Institute ACTIVE Project of the Year – establishing a lead within the industry, winning the inaugural ACTIVE project of the year (2000) and being the first to win in pharmaceuticals (2001), Term Services and Small Projects (2006).


My immediate motivations and interests are targeted towards the commercialisation of new technology driven business ideas and projects.

Established Start-Ups and existing enterprises who have a proven business model or product idea, requiring to scale up to prove commercial viability of new business operations; or to boost the commercial scale and performance of existing operations, whether that be by in-house manufacturing, outsourcing, or licencing IP strategies.

Here I get to indulge my project and general management expertise as a means of supporting and delivering business operational development so clients achieve their investment objectives. The size of the challenge, and the uncertainty associated with the route to success ensures the need to continuously hone my existing skills as well as the need to learn new ones. It certainly makes me feel alive, and helps make life rewarding.


I learned an important life lesson just a few years ago. By spending a proportion of my time on voluntary work, the effort invested pays back many more times than effort invested solely in traditional paid work. I have experienced such good payback from these activities in terms of broadening my life experience, fine tuning my existing expertise and skills and providing me with new skills I would have otherwise not needed. I have even obtained contacts and opportunities to expand my current professional interests, which I know for a fact would have passed me by without me even knowing.

I am a voluntary Business Mentor for the Prince's Trust Enterprise Programme. The Prince's Trust is a charity established by HRH The Prince of Wales, which supports disadvantaged young people in many ways. One way is to support young people, under 30 years old, to establish a sustainable business. This support comes from small business loans which include being paired with a business mentor. This is where I and others contribute. It provides me the opportunity to inspire and support others to follow a path of self belief and self confidence in all that they do and achieve.


I would like to thank you for your interest in Successful-Project-Management.com and in myself. For further support on project management issues you may have with a new or existing project you are leading, feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation and confidential initial discussion.

DON'T DELAY!; we're here ready to inspire you towards success, or to actively assist you in achieving successful delivery of your projects.