How we work and Paying It Forward

A Fact of Life: You will get back from Life many more times than you willingly give.

This website resource and associated community is one way Jason is contributing to make a difference for others, by sharing in excess of 25 years hard work, frustrations, experiences and learning, to help others succeed in their project delivery without having to learn for themselves the same lessons.

Instead, You can learn new, less painful lessons and share the resulting positive experiences with others. For the better of All - Pay it Forward!

Jason will be sharing those aspects of project management practices he has studied, accumulated and experimented with during his extensive and diverse career, particularly items that he feels have not been, or are not often applied rigorously enough to underpin successful project management in practice.

By a simple, no cost subscription to successful-project-management, you can share in those experiences and best practices, as if being personally mentored by Jason in those project management practices which are often misunderstood and applied poorly.

As part of a community that strives to put project management skills and practices into the tool box of all those taking on projects; whether at home, at work or within the community, you will have the benefit of being able to reach Jason and others for practical advice and guidance to help you meet your own goals successfully and realise those projects that may feel a bit overwhelming to start with.

Jason also takes on regular assignments for organisations and teams tasked with undertaking challenging projects.

Driven by an intellectual curiosity, Jason prefers to focus on challenging and demanding projects associated with new technology development, new product introduction, continuous improvement of current manufacturing operations in a complex and changing world. He also undertakes supporting roles to novice project teams, enabling and mentoring them to deliver successfully and gain the confidence to succeed as project leaders in the future.

Jason's style is one of pragmatism, knowledge sharing and continually seeking to improve on recognised Best Practice through practical and simple application of project management theory and practice. Oh, and having some fun and building camaraderie along the way is very important too. His project legacy: To provide insight, tools and practical ways of working to benefit colleagues with delivering their next project assignments successfully and with self-confidence.

Jason has worked to gain the trust of a varied Client base. For prospective new Clients, LinkedIn is a growing means of making first contact after having met a natural conclusion from all the support available directly via Subsequently discussion of specific issues and exchanges of ideas on new project initiatives and opportunities to collaborate are undertaken using email, web meeting/skype and ultimately more traditional face-to-face meetings where physical support is needed.

Be part of a niche community striving to be the best at delivering projects successfully. Subscription is fast, easy and only a few clicks away...