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Latest from the Pay It Forward Hub

Organising your project to ensure success

Organisational Breakdown Structure - defining the owners of work packages... An Organisational Breakdown Structure, OBS, complements the Work Breakdown Structure and Resource Breakdown Structure for your project. Its main intent is to communicate how those tasked with...

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Beware! the rocks on the road.

Practical application of Project Risk Management is a key element in the success of any project. The Project Risk Management process should form part of the project management routine at all stages of the Project Life-Cycle. "FAILING to follow a structured Project...

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12 ways to help you sleep well, every night

12 Steps to ensure a good night’s sleep every night… We are all existing in an increasingly hectic and chaotic World. Having it covered, being in charge of it, being able to seize the initiative, being on the front foot most of the time; all builds our confidence in...

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Overwhelmed by the challenge of a project?

Work Breakdown Structure Don't Feel Overwhelmed. Chunk It Down... Feeling overwhelmed by the apparent size, challenge and complexity of your next project? The start of the emotional roller coaster as project manager… My reflex action - produce a Work Breakdown...

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Production Modelling: The Missing Precursor to BIM.

BIM or Building Information Modelling is a term that you may have come across, it’s a methodology that is starting to revolutionise the engineering and construction management industries.  BIM is an integrated process for developing, coordinating and managing...

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Bomb proofing your decision making

Making sense of complexity in the fast changing and uncertain World.   When defining and implementing coordinated solutions for manufacturing and operational change, as well as base-lining Investment Applications, how do you ensure you maximise Return on...

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